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Foraging as a Way of Life 

Book launch in 2024, published by New Society Publishers.

About Foraging as a Way of Life

Nourish your family from nature’s pantry.


Foraging as a Way of Life documents twelve months of wildcrafting, featuring five different plants each month for a full year of abundant local and seasonal eating.

Enhance your sense of self-sufficiency while increasing food security, protecting habitat, and connecting with the land.

Drawing on Mikaela's own lived experiences and her study of herbalism and ethnobotany, Foraging as a Way of Life is designed to inspire you to share the abundance and joy of wild foods while finding nourishment and connection in your local fields and forests.

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Nancy J. Turner - Ethnobotanist & Author

"Mikaela Cannon provides information for the plants and mushrooms she forages, based on meticulous research and – most importantly – her own experiences. For her, the book reflects a compellingly personal journey, filled with the joy of “finding nourishment from the land". 
Her enthusiasm is infectious; you want to participate in her world."
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