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My goal is to help educate people on topics I'm passionate about.


This page is dedicated to some of the resources I have gathered throughout the years. 


Truth & Reconciliation


I aim to include Truth and Reconciliation in all that I do. I aim to learn all I can about the Peoples who have lived here on Turtle Island since time immemorial.


I intend to take action to uplift and support First Nation communities and voices. I hope to do this through my words, my actions, and my thoughts.

Indigenous Educational Resources

Literature and films that I have read and watched in my journey to learn, and information about events that uplift First Nation communities and individuals.

21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Bob Joseph

We Were Children by Tim Wolochatiuk

Explaining some of the terrors of residential school. 

Caution is advised, can be triggering.

Whispers on the Ocean by Tracee Andrews
Indigenous news and fabulous newsletters. Full of great learning.
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Practical Self Reliance

A fabulous blog filled with information about foraging, homesteading and practical tips on how to live off the land. Ashley writing is genuine and fun and well-researched.

I love this site!


Herbs with Rosalee

This website is filled with useful and thoughtful information from Rosalee. Her interviews with other herbalists and her write-ups are loaded with valuable information. There are links to books by Rosalee and to courses that she offers. You will find hours of plant information here!

New Society Publisher

A publisher with the goal to create a better world through literature. They have books on topics ranging from climate action to permaculture to nature as a part of the school curriculum and more. I have loved every book I have read from this publisher and each book has given me hope how we can create the world we want to see.

Forager’s Harvest

Samuel Thayer’s site full of information and resources on plant identification and uses. I can highly recommend his books.

Wild Food Girl

Great site. Lots of information on wild food and interesting book reviews.


Edible Wild Foods

Jampacked with information on plants and their uses.


Plants for a Future

Great site to find succinct first information about plants.

Shuswap Climate Action Society

Great information and local sustainable solutions.



I love foraging in the forest and making delicious foods from the plants I find. 

Learn how to forage these plants and make some of my favourites!

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