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Permaculture and Food Forest Nursery

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We, Mikaela Cannon and Peter Glimm, operate a perennial food garden and plant nursery for our family and community. We use the garden as a tool for learning and to promote the creation of your own permanent food garden.

We aim to create local food security and sovereignty by using a no-till approach and by adding compost when growing our food and plants.

We never use pesticides, herbicides or petrochemical fertilizers, because we believe using those to be a short-sighted and unhealthy way to farm.

Instead, we try to understand what the soil needs, and help encourage beneficial bacteria and microorganisms as well as symbiotic relationships between plants and fungi which in turn will feed the plants all the nutrients that they need for healthy living. 


Each year we learn more about this fascinating topic, there is an endless amount of knowledge to learn!


We always strive to increase biodiversity and to live lightly on the land. Together with our children we learn about the bugs and the animals in our garden, and we strive to live in harmony with the other critters on our farm.


Our goal is to see how functioning ecosystems can include humans and our food production.

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Prices and availability may change.

Contact for current selection and pick up/shipping information.

(Starter size 4”pot, or have already been up potted to 1gallon)

  • Raspberry $9 (4”pots) Varieties: Red Bounty, Jewel (black raspberry), Honey Queen (yellow raspberry)

  • Strawberry 6+pack $10 (1gallon)

  • Blueberry $15 (1gallon)

  • Gooseberry $12 (1gallon)

  • Black currant $12 (1gallon)

  • Red currant $12 (1gallon)

  • Jostaberry $12 (1gallon)

  • Haskaps $17 (1 gallon) Varieties: Aurora, Blue Banana, Beauty, Beast

  • Dwarf sour cherry bushes $17 (1gallon)

  • Saskatoon $15 (1gallon)

  • Asparagus crowns (2 year-old) $5

  • Egyptian Walking Onion $1ea

  • Sunchokes $3

  • Hazelnut trees $12 (4”pots)

  • Blackberry $10 (4”pots)

  • Elderberry $12 (4”pot)

  • Rhubarb $12 (1gallon)

  • Horseradish $8 (1gallon)

  • Apple trees $22 (1gallon) Varieties: Ambrosia or Ginger Gold

  • Cherry trees (Sentennial™) $22 

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