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Mikaela's Bio

foraging with family website.jpeg
foraging with family website.jpeg

My name is Mikaela Cannon, and I am thrilled to make your acquaintance. I live on a farm in the Okanagan, BC, Canada, and my passion are plants and all things nature.


My favourite thing to do is to wander the woods and fields finding scrumptious plants to feed my family and watching the wildlife go about their day.


My purpose in life is to care for the natural habitat around us and to share the love and joy I have for it.


Before I landed on the farm with my family, I took a two-year long wilderness guide course in Sweden and lived in a tipi for the duration, as well as worked as a ranger and research assistant in Australia.


Prior to that I was employed as a sailor in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. In each and every location I went I studied the plants and used them for food, medicine and material.


Further studies in ethnobotany and herbalism have only made me more interested in the topic. There is a world of plant knowledge out there and I will never stop learning!

foraging family website 4.jpeg
foraging family website (1).jpeg
foraging family website (1).jpeg

The last 12 years I have been teaching classes for adults and youth on how to use wild plants in the Okanagan and I absolutely adore this. The people that come out to my classes are amazing and I love the friends and community I have gained being connected with like-minded souls. 

I hope that the content on this website can be of use to you and I look forward to connecting further through classes, my newsletter and blog or through my book, Foraging as a Way of Life.

Picking Brains Okanagan

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Picking Brains Okanagan for Storyhive. 

In this interview, I take them on a tour of the forest to identify medicinal plants, and chat about my background, experience and education, as well as what I've been up to recently. 


We also discuss turning climate anxiety into climate action, and learning how to communicate with the natural world.

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