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Climate Action & Environmental Work

Mikaela Cannon is a dedicated local leader and activist in the realm of climate change. As one of the founders of Armstrong/Spallumcheen Climate Action (ASCA), Mikaela has played a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives that address environmental challenges within her community.

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Armstrong/Spallumcheen Climate Action (ASCA)

ASCA is a local group that focuses on climate action in our community. We can be found working closely together with other environmental groups in the region.


We partake in tree planting and in efforts to increase biodiversity. We create community and foster communication with our local leaders.


We reach both young and old with our outreach and education efforts. We aim to include truth and reconciliation in all our efforts, and we are guided by kindness and compassion.

Together we create change and lasting friendships.

Becoming CARE mentors

Our climate action group is currently collaborating with CARE (Climate Action Ripple Effect program for highschool students). We are working as mentors from the community.

Anyone from any walk of life is welcome

Do you have some skills you would like to share with youth.

Contact Jo de Vries for information about the program and how to be a mentor:


Jo de Vries

Founder & CEO


Phone: 250-300-8797 




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